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  • 4 People

    4 adults of different skin tones, the two on the left are leaning in and the two on the right have their arms folded. The background is white.

  • Maria Blauer

    Campaign image, Maria leaning against a white post on a porch with a red door behind her.

  • Dalia Palchik

    looking straight at the camera, smiling, on white background, blue and black jacket,, black shirt.

  • Dalia Palchik

    Leaning against a wall that is red, she is wearing an orange jacket and a black shirt. She is looking over her shoulder smiling at the camera. A sidewalk is beside her and there is a tree with yellow leaves in the upper-right hand corner.

  • Students

    Three students, one college-age tutoring two elementary school-age children reading a book.

  • Lea Morris, Musician

    Lea playing guitar, looking at the camera on a white background.

  • Headshot from the Children's Science Center

    Asian man looking straight at the camera, blue buttondown shirt. The background is a black wall with silver abstract art on it.

  • Karen Masterson, Author

    Karen looking at the camera, smiling, wearing glasses and a brown shirt. Behind her is green grass, a pathway, and a tree.

  • Arborist

    Arborist smiling and looking directly into the camera, wearing a blue t-shit, young trees in the background and tall wooden fence.

  • Headshot

    White guy looking directly into the camera wearing a blue shirt on a gray background

  • Headshot

    Black and white image of a white guy in a gray jacket and dark shirt. He is smiling and looking directly at the camera

  • Tailored Living group photo

    19 men and women, 2 sitting on bar stools in the middle and the rest standing to the side and behind them. Behind the people are a set of multi-colored cabinets.

  • Telephone Photo

    White women on a cell phone, computer in the background, desk, and wall are red.

  • 4 People around a table

    looking st books, in a legal library, 2 women, 2 men

  • Headshot

    Black and white of white guy with black hear, mustache and beard. He is looking directly into the lens. He is wearing a white shirt and a black jacket.

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