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Good images are as important as good writing . Whether you take photos for social media or your newsletter, you need a lot of images to tell your everyday story. When you need great photos but don’t always have the time or resources to hire a professional, you can do it in-house with a little training! Let Greater Depth Media teach your staff how to photograph better. We work with schools, community organizations, political groups, law firms, or any company or agency.

Jessica has developed a series of toyour  businesstrainings and workshops for teachers and students based on her beliefs that: Camera work is becoming a life skill. We are just as likely to show what we did over a weekend, as we are to tell or write about it. Students are increasingly likely to make a video report rather than a written report. More and more teachers assess student progress using cameras, as with pen and paper. We spend years teaching students to read, write and speak in order to communicate. We need to add camera work to the list of tools we teach children in order to communicate what they see, think, and wonder. Yes, it is easy to push the button, but it is complex to create an image or series of images with an intent to communicate something.

To schedule a workshop or training, contact Jessica at or call her at 240-481-3918.

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