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Zoom Producing

I have fallen in love with the tech side of Zoom and love providing technical producing for meetings, conferences, life events (birthday parties, memorials, weddings, bar or bat mitzvot), and live theater.

This is a natural outgrowth of both my photography/videography skills and my passion to teach people how to communicate through the camera.  

Let me handle the tech so you can connect with your people.

Pre Production

Design detailed technical Zoom plans

Build Zoom tech teams

Create Zoom meetings and webinars accessibility plan

Teach facilitators and participants how to effectively use Zoom ahead of time

Coach facilitators, panelists, and participants on workspace setup including lighting, sound, connectivity, and accessibility

Consulted on the design of backgrounds (virtual and real) Design emergency plans for if Zoom bombing happened

During Event

Manage and direct tech teams

Implement tech plan

Act as technical host: admit people from the waiting room, take attendance, briefly explain how to best use Zoom

Monitor the chat, post important and/or pre-planned messages, encourage conversation, and alert the facilitator of anything they need to know

Create, open and close breakout rooms

Share documents, video, audio, and webpages

Be the one in charge in case of an emergency

Record event

Post Production

Edit video from the event

Edit photos that were taken either during or from the recording

Provide any needed followup

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