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Environmental Headshots and Editorial Images

These images are all about your brand. They capture telling images of you and your colleagues, team, faculty, or students working. Environmental headshots and editorial images provide visual context to communicate more about you, what you do and your brand.

"When I decided to run for the Board of Education, I knew I needed Jessica Wallach to take the photos. Jessica is a media and messaging professional and an exceptional listener. Jessica is patient and easy to work with, and when the time is right, she gives great advice.

Jessica asked me why I decided to run, and what I wanted the viewer to feel and think of when they saw the photographs she took. Jessica challenged me to think more deeply about my message and what story I wanted to tell voters. She gave me ideas for the shoot ahead of time so that I had time to prepare.

Not only do I love the photographs we took, but the conversation and preparation for taking those photographs were very helpful to me in thinking about how I approached my campaign."

Headshot from the Children's Science Center

Headshot from the Children's Science Center

Asian man looking straight at the camera, blue buttondown shirt. The background is a black wall with silver abstract art on it.

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