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About Greater Depth Media   

Greater Depth Media is owned and operated by Jessica Wallach, a seasoned photographer, videographer, educator, and community activist. Since 1998, Jessica has worked with clients throughout the DMV that are actively engaged in making the world a better place.

Jessica’s work behind the camera honors the aspirations of her clients by creating imagery that reflects their hard work and community building. What makes Jessica such an effective partner is how she gently pushes her clients to see what’s possible. She asks good questions, offers choices, and encourages approaches from new angles to help you visualize your work in greater depth.

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About Teaching

Jessica possesses years of experience and expertise working with people of all ages to not only take outstanding photographs of them, but also to teach them to take outstanding photographs. Jessica is passionate about teaching people how to use the camera as a communication tool to tell stories, document events big and small, and gather evidence.

Jessica teaches photography as a practical skill, not an artform. Photography is an emerging language. People need to learn how to use a camera just like they need to know how to use a pencil or a keyboard and they need to learn to create telling images just like they need to learn to write a good essay, report, memo or brochure.

About Being a Community Activist

Prior to focusing on photography as a career, Jessica was a career civil rights worker and worked to ensure compliance with the Fair Housing Act. She is proud to have been part of a large team of people working to ensure multi-family housing is accessible to people with disabilities throughout the country.

She has also served as a volunteer for La Leche League, her local civic association and PTA, and community organizations that serve children and people with disabilities. She lives in Reston, Virginia with her family.

Jessica believes photography is an act of community activism. She uses photography to build community, challenge sexism and ablism, and capture moments that remind people what is true about themselves and their relationships so they can continue to be thoughtful about the world we live in.

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